In these short audios, I will walk you through the 6 principle process on the day to day struggles that you’re having. Each short audio brings you into total alignment right when you need it.


Introductory Audio LISTEN FIRST
Step 1: Connecting with Source
Step 2: Bringing You Into Alignment with The Six Principles
Step 3: Bringing Anything Into Alignment with The Six Principles

12 Real Life Application Audios

Bringing Family Wounds into Alignment
Ending Stress to Embodying Peace
Ending Fear and Anxiety to Embracing Joy
Ending Reaction to Aligned Action
Ending Eating Disorders to Embracing Healthy Habits
Shifting From Fear and Worry to Love and Safety
Shifting From Unforgiven to Unconditional Forgiveness
Shifting From Suffering Empath to Blissful Awareness
Shifting From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed
Shifting From Self Judgment to Self Love
From Stuck In Limitation to Springboarding into Possibility
Embracing Your Next Level of Higher Consciousness

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