Derek Rydall’s Emergence Academy 


  • Two Live Group Coaching Calls with Derek Rydall
  • Special Emergence Academy Tools
  • Prosperity Playground Live teaching and activations 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.

A $397 Value!

Dr Sue Morter’s Fear into Fire and Passionate Purpose Program

Includes 2 tickets to a live online interactive workshop 

Beneath every Fear is the Passionate Fire that must return to our daily lives. Prosperity and Passion are one and the same. Change your fears forever with an entire paradigm shift and learn to:

  • Make decisions from that Passionate space within.
  • Master the invisible for powerful results.
  • Free yourself from the mind chatter of self-questioning.
  • Create a Reality Shift by turning fear inside out.

A $197 Value!

Jennifer McLean‘s A New Day – #MeToo Healing Intensive

  • Discover Your Feminine Power: Experience a 2-step activation process to transform into a state of calm, confidence, peace and power
  • Find and Establish Your Natural Boundaries: You’ll receive a surprising yet specific and proven healing session to create and live within your organic boundaries … without even trying
  • Overcome Past Traumas and Upset: You’ll experience the quickest way to rewire and reprogram the neural pathways in your brain to change any past occurrence
  • Experience Physical Healing: You’ll have a special healing session, using the renowned and popular healing accelerant The Spontaneous Transformation Technique, to address physical disease, injury or upset that may be the unknowing result of past trauma
  • ​Activate The Feminine Conflict Releaser: Expect a personal activation which creates new solutions and resources to apply to your relationships (even the ones that seemed hopeless)
  • ​Unlock Your Deep Feminine Intuition for Prosperity and Good – Access your birthright as a woman and use it with consciousness to create and manifest what you want

A $266 Value!

Marisa Murgatroyd’s The Tony Stark Method: How to Tap Into Your Unique Genius & Make Money Saving the World

  • With one of Marisa’s Strategy Coaches

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A $197 Value!

Nikole Kadel’s Abundance of Nature Transmission Ceremony Live-August 20, 2020 at 6pm Pacific

Join Nikole on a guided journey into mystical dimensions!

  • Join together to consciously work with space, light and healing frequencies, with support from Nature and the elements.
  • You’ll receive gifts of knowing, inspiration, abundance, relaxation and bliss transmitted straight from Divinity.
  • Make a magical elixir with a glass of water that will support you to further embody the frequencies brought forth from the ceremony on a cellular level.

A $397 Value!

Lisa Garr’s Aware Mindset Group Coaching & Consulting

Lisa Garr, host of The Aware Show, will share her 20+ years of broadcast media experience interviewing health & mindset experts.

  • You will experience transformational exercises & daily practices that will build confidence and create connection.
  • You will discover how your personal blueprint has impacted your life and how it can help you become a leader in your community & business, and impact the lives of others.
  • You will also get Lisa’s digital Story Guide Chart & Workbook.

A $397 Value!

Natalie Ledwell’s 3 Pre Made Mind Movies + Subliminal Audio 

If you’re finally ready to achieve all your goals in 2020, just watch one of these pre-made Mind Movies in the morning and at night for just 3 minutes, and you’ll experience the amazing results hundreds of thousands are already seeing worldwide.

  • Enjoy three professionally produced Mind Movies on the topics of Overcoming Procrastination, Motivation, and Increased Energy.
  • Plus, a Subliminal Audio on Overcoming Procrastination to accompany the Mind Movie! Look forward to the most productive, vital and zestful days of your life!
  • Plus, an accompanying Subliminal Audio on Overcoming Procrastination.

A $158 Value!

Sage Lavine’s Use your Story as your Best Marketing Tool: Your Life as a PhD program as the best tool for your BUSINESS

Get clear on your message. Get visible. The foundation of your 6 and 7-figure business.

In order to make money with your message, you must identify the group of people who most want what you have to offer. This is the step most beginning entrepreneurs try to find a shortcut around. In order for people to see the value in investing in your services, you’ll need to provide a solution to a problem they most need solved.

Make Money With Your Message will provide tools to help you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on who you work with and how you help them so they see the value in hiring you.

  • How to clarify your message so endless clients will pay you!
  • A proven, heart-based method for identifying the group of people who most want what you have to offer (this way, you align with an authentic and lucrative niche)
  • The 10 step system for creating marketing materials for your ideal clients to fill your practice, sell out your programs and events & rock your business
  • Learn 17+ places to find your ideal clients and how to confidently answer the question, “What do you do?” from a place of alignment that has people excited to invest in your services.
  • How to answer the question, “What do you do?” from a place of inner alignment that has people excited to hire you
  • The formula for choosing and committing to an evolutionary niche as demonstrated by… Claire Zammit, author SARK, Marci Shimoff, Rikka Zimmerman, Sage Lavine… and MORE.

A $997 Value!

Marci Shimoff’s A Month of Money Miracles

A Month of Money Miracles is a program created specifically to help you attract more money miracles into your life by helping you transform your relationship and experience with money for good.

A $1,300 Value!

Lion Goodman’s The Clear Your Beliefs Program

Regularly $297, the program is being offered for only $197 during the Symposium. 

A 7-part audio series that takes you through the transformational process that eliminates your limiting and negative beliefs, childhood wounds, and interference in any part of your life.

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A $297 Value!

Isaac and Thorald Koren’s The First Key to Unleashing Your Big Voice 

A practical 7-key musical roadmap to reclaim your BIG VOICE and your connection & power through the miracle of your own unique expression, facilitated and created by the Brothers Koren. 

Experience the first of seven ‘keys’ as they guide you into stepping two feet into Your Big Voice and joining the world’s song. The world has been waiting to hear you! Take back the microphone from the choir of small voices that silence your Big Life, and sing!

A $197 Value!

Christopher Van Buren’s The Journey of the Noble Spirit

This mind-expanding program reveals the amazing potential within you for increased confidence, creativity, and momentum in all areas of your life. 

Using strategies from neuroscience and emotional intelligence in a unique “Inner Guides” process, The Journey of the Noble Spirit brings your deepest inner wisdom and creative potential to the surface of your life…so you can live more abundantly with more energy, intimacy, and joy — and help others do the same. 

Using the power of your core values, intuition, creativity, and a two-way channel of communication with your inner guides, you will have the wisdom to handle any challenge in life.

Use password: unity

A $97 Value!

Katherine Woodward Thomas’ Becoming Magnetic to Your Soulmate: The 4 Keys to Recognizing & Releasing Your Hidden Barriers to Attract Happy, Healthy Love

A 60-minute, live, online interactive workshop.

A $47 Value!

Elijah Ray’s Vocal Core Resonance 6 Week Class

Vocal Core Resonance is a 6 week online course designed to activate and open the throat chakra and begin the process of becoming a Spherical Miracle!

Please use the following password: tonehome2020

A $555 Value!

Carola Eastwood & Chetan Parkyn of Human Design for Us ALL‘s Relationship by Design Training

Love, Re-invented

Discover Your Blueprint for Love and Start Experiencing Higher Levels of Pure Joy in your Romantic Relationships

This comprehensive 8-module course will re-ignite the romance and support you to make a deep, spiritual connection with your lover—no matter where you are now in your relationship.

If you want to create lasting harmony in your relationship, then join us for our 8-module Love, Re-Invented course, and we’ll show you how to:

  • Get totally clear on your relationship blueprint, so you can attract and nurture the love your heart desires.
  • Learn how your relationship is connected to, and serves your higher purpose.
  • Receive inside knowledge to understand your beloved, and learn how to relate in ways that keeps your love expanding!

A $397 Value!

Ryan Eliason’s Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Package

This program includes downloadable interviews with 41 of the world’s top social change leaders and conscious entrepreneurs, sharing the inside story on how they grew organizations that changed the world.

You’ll hear incredible firsthand accounts from visionaries such as NY Times bestselling authors like Marianne Williamson (A Return to Love), Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) and Van Jones (Rebuild the Dream).  You will also hear from leading activists and transformational leaders such as Bill Drayton (Ashoka), Rich Dutra-St. John (Challenge Day), Lynne Twist (The Soul of Money), Julia Butterfly Hill (Circle of Life), and Drew Dellinger (Planetize The Movement).

You will discover how these fascinating people came up with brilliant ideas, and against all odds, succeeded at creating humanitarian products, services, and organizations that dramatically improve people’s lives and make a healthy profit. 

You will empower yourself with the mindset shifts and tangible business skills needed to grow your income and make a truly remarkable positive impact in the world.

Please enter these credentials on the bonus page:

Username:  earth557

Password:  socent97

A $197 Value!

Brandy Gillmore’s 5-Part Video Masterclass series “From Lack to Abundance” 

By now, most people have heard the phrase, “you can manifest money” and yet, let’s be honest, if you look within the spiritual communities, most people have not been able to get real results. In fact, that was me. I was injured, working on healing myself, and broke. The stress over money only made it harder to heal.

In this fast track video course of 5 videos, I share with you the specific steps that I used myself to go from financial lack to abundance. I have also used these same insights to help several others make millions! If you are where I was, stressed over lack, or if you are wanting to step into even greater abundance, then you’re going to love this video course!

A $397 Value!

Dawa Tarchin Phillips’ Mindful Money Mastery

Access to the complete Mindful Money Mastery curriculum, with five weekly modules, training you on the nine prosperity activators that determine your abundance: Trust, Willingness, Enthusiasm, Power, Patience, Integrity, Money, Pleasure, and Generosity. 

  • Five weekly prosperity challenges
  • Nine prosperity invocations
  • Nine prosperity activation meditations
  • Plus two extra bonuses: The Core Money Wound Assessment
  • And the “90 Days Of Prosperity” Calendar

Event password: HigherConsciousness

A $3013 Value!

Christy Whitman’s 30 Days of Meditations To Meet, Connect and Align with Your 22 Angels

These meditations are all about connecting and getting to know your 22 spiritual guides and angel archetypes. On the path of spiritual awakening lie 22 whirlpools of power-angels whose energies reach into each individual and affect our personal lives. But negative thoughts and feelings-fear, guilt, resentment, apathy, joylessness, or self-doubt, often leading to illness, dysfunctional relationships, and problems with money and career success. We will be actually applying and connecting with these powers in the daily meditations and processes.

These angels will help you understand your own trouble spots, discover which angel can assist you with those spots, and help shift all areas in your life.

Use bonus code: rikka

A $97 Value!

Emmanuel Dagher’s Embracing the New Earth: 90min VIP Call – September 26th at 11:00am Pacific Time

We are right in the middle of one of the greatest shifts humanity has ever experienced. When we look beyond all of the distractions and outside noise, it’s absolutely clear that as the old patriarchal systems and structures fade away, a New Earth is preparing herself to embrace us all.

The New Earth is less about a destination, and more about a way of being that is materializing herself through our consciousness. The New Earth vibrates at the frequency of transcendent and unconditional love, and she prospers all beings equally. The New Earth is abundantly generous and giving to all who are willing to receive her blessings. The New Earth lifts us all up, and leaves no one behind.

In honor of the unprecedented times we are in, I am grateful to offer a 90-minute VIP call with the intention of helping you:

  • Embrace and connect with the New Earth, so that she manifests herself into your reality with ease and grace.
  • Identify the unique combination of factors that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of lack, scarcity, deprivation, and fear, as we untangle and dissolve your attachments to them.
  • Magnify and expand your magic in ways that honor your most authentic, compassionate, and loving self.

A $1500 Value!

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6-Month Membership to Sandra and Daniel Biskind’s Abundant Soul Platinum Life Community

Join Higher Consciousness leaders Sandra and Daniel Biskind to achieve greater levels of abundance, love and joy.

  • Join us live for 2 calls a month. Appreciate What You Have – Open the Door to More — July 7th & 15th, Take Ownership of Your State – Aug 4th & 18th, Surrender To Not Knowing: Your Key To True Knowledge – Sept 1st & 15th, Ask Effective Questions – October 6th & 20th, Q and A November 3rd & 24th and December 8th & 22nd.
  • Join a high-frequency community & have access to 24 core LIVE experiences delivering transformation and results, as well as a library of videos, meditations and free programs.
  • Receive guidance and support with your own spiritual mentors and connect 24/7 to the divine healing energy field of love and abundance.

Use Promo Code: Abundance582

Value $582