Aligning with Infinite Support: Ending Worry, Fear, & Anxiety

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  • John Reilly

    What an amazing session! I listened to this lesson the next morning and had a deep release of past hurt with full-on crying and hurt. Then I did it again the following afternoon and it was even more intense where I experienced the deepest release and painful crying I have ever had since I don’t know when. When it was over and I invited my child self to return to me it was like my heart opening as wide as the universe with incredible joy and wholeness. It really is an amazing process. Oh! BTW I have been meditating and doing inner work for 45 years now – in this life.

  • Andrea Karolyi

    Dear Angelic Rikka,
    I just want to thank you. Thank you all you are giving! My transformation is incredible! It takes me a day to listen your 2 hours sessions. They are so deep. I need to rewind again and again.
    My life started to open up. My body started to open up. It is my first time in my life, when I’m totally conscious with my body. First time in my life I feel who she is.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    God sent you to me. He’s giving back my life through you.

  • Elisabeth Theune

    Love you Rikka, this is truly a beautiful wonderful class

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