Aligning with Inner Value & Self Worth: Ending Low Self-Esteem and Judgment

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  • Jacob Zufelt

    Please don’t feel obligated to discuss this in class if it’s not relevant to our topic. I know I’m mis-aligned with a principle, but I can’t figure out which and what to do. Something I’ve been fighting for a while (that causes a lot of internal anguish) is my own willpower—at least that’s what I think it is. I know that I am a source of all kinds of creative ideas, projects, plans, etc., but I almost always hit the snooze button in the morning and stay in bed until the very last minute, or I put on Netflix or do something else that has nothing to do with my goals and dreams (sometimes substance related), and I don’t ever end up doing any of the things I wanted and felt called to do. I desperately want to be able to get out of bed with excitement for the day, but instead I end up disappointed in myself for not getting up or writing that poem or designing that script. I have become this person that hates getting out of bed and doesn’t want to function without coffee. Because of all these things, I always end up calling myself lazy, a piece of crap, useless, worthless, etc. and sometimes get called that by my spouse. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop this trend of NOT doing the things that make me feel excited to be alive?

    • Rikka Zimmerman

      Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for your questions 🙂

      Rikka has answered these in our Week 5 class 🙂



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