Aligning with Infinite Possibility: An End to All Limitation

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  • Barbara Young

    I have trained in Theta Healing and recently Access Consciousness Bars and foundation level, Reiki etc and some of these work on clearing and downloading positive beliefs and feelings , in one of my reiki training teaches to put myself and client in a funnel and fill with violet flame before Grandmasters send Reiki. Some of this then is not aligned with the 6 principles. I now understand that everything is Source energy so no need to protect Source energy and we have been putting Source energy into the default mode network. I wish to manifest clients offering these services, I’ve spent a lot of money on training through the years and as yet not really received any or much return on my investments. If in the future I may to take another Theta Healing Course I don’t think I could say no to downloading positive beliefs? I am interested in your advice in this. The other thing is no matter what healing modality, whether I’m sending unconditional love or requesting instant healing, Reiki etc with persons permission I intuitively see colours, spirit guides removing red hand bags filled anger, fear and hurt (battery packs) and feel heaviness, sensations feelings in my body . I haven’t noticed any difference between the different healing modalities. it’s all the same , is this because it’s all Source energy and or I haven’t fully opened up to awareness, other Healers seem to get more information, story than I do , I’ve started with Reiki in 2004 and practice daily Theta etc , what I see is great and I’ve come along way , however I would like to get more clarity, I know and see Angels are there, and would like to communicate with them as yet I may have some blocks to hearing them , please can you help with this. Best wishes Barbara xxx

    • Rikka Zimmerman

      Hi Barbara,

      Your question has been included in this week’s class questions for Rikka 🙂



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